What do Church
leaders think?

Praise from bishops, theologians, and diocesan leaders!

“Thank you for your ministry, thank you for your work, thank you for instilling hope in couples and families! The Liturgy of Domestic Church Life is an excellent theoretical paradigm. I also appreciate the fact that you make it [so that it’s] not just theory, but practice.”

Scott Hahn
Founder and President, St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, and Chair of Biblical Theology and the New Evangelization, Franciscan University of Steubenville

”The Liturgy of Domestic Church Life is really useful and concrete, universal and multicultural, and responds to the need for families to have processes to accompany them on their path to holiness.”

Prof. Gabriella Gambino
Undersecretary for the Dicastery of Laity, Family, and Life, Vatican City

“Every Catholic family and household can benefit from the practical yet profound ways CatholicHÔM helps them live out the Liturgy of Domestic Church Life in real life. This is a great resource for ministry leaders as well, giving them tools and insights to support families as key catalysts for evangelization.”

Dr. Andy Lichtenwalner
Director: Office of Evangelization & Discipleship, Archdiocese of Atlanta

“The Liturgy of Domestic Church Life and the CatholicHÔM program offer a wonderful framework to help Catholic families live truly healthy and holy lives. I’m happy to give both my blessing and endorsement to this important and timely work.”

Bishop Jeffrey Monforton
Steubenville, Ohio

”The way that the Liturgy of Domestic Church Life is tackled is so practical and meaningful…I commend you in your work….”

Cardinal Mario Grech
General Secretary of the Synod of Bishops, Vatican City

“The Liturgy of Domestic Church Life is the mystical vehicle that communicates eucharistic grace to the whole world through the Living Body of Christ...”

Bishop Mikael Mouradian
Armenian Catholic Eparch of North America

What Families Are Saying

Testimonies from people living the adventure of domestic church life!

“I am really enjoying Catholic HÔM. As a mother and DRE at our parish, I am learning more and more how important family discipleship is. I would love to share your Catholic HÔM with Families in our parish!”

- Molly Quinlan Garrison

“Ever since your message sank into my heart 7 years ago, my life and relationships have taken off in a direction I couldn't have imagined. This morning my 10-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter cuddled on the couch holding hands while I fixed breakfast. I'm so blessed.”

- Rachel Schulte

“As I heard the Popcaks' description of the Liturgy of the Domestic Church I recognized the way my husband and I learned about how to live our spirituality in the family through the Schoenstatt Family Movement.”

- Andrea Adams Woolums

“The lightbulb moment in one of your earlier presentations came with the comment 'families need to schedule their family time first.' We as a "church" get caught up in the catechization and the models and the curriculum and the tools...You have shown me that we need to help families see themselves as a sacred unit. A special sacred unit that has a special purpose given by God.”

- Michelle

“Learning about the domestic church was a lifeline during the worst of the pandemic, helping give meaning to the everyday things we could do at home as a family.”

- Deanne Sinclair

“We are finding that the connection and attachment brought about by these principles help our family connect peacefully and heal our own attachment wounds. It also helps us have a foundation to stand on as we incorporate these practical ways to take baby steps in this lifelong family journey.”

- Chris Leslie Goedde