Meet Our HÔM Team

Thanks for stopping by! Meet the team that‘s bringing CatholicHÔM to YOUR home!

Dr. Greg and Lisa Popcak

The articulators of the Liturgy of Domestic Church Life and the founders of
In addition, the Popcaks are the founders of a group pastoral tele-counseling practice serving Catholic individuals, couples, and families worldwide. The Popcaks are also the founding directors of the Peyton Institute for Domestic Church Life, a partnership with Holy Cross Family Ministries dedicated to conducting original research and professional training in support of Catholic family spirituality and well-being.
They are authors of more than 20 books and the hosts of More2Life, a call-in radio advice program heard each weekday at 10 AM Eastern on the EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network and across North America on SiriusXM Satellite Radio Channel 130.
Dr. and Mrs. Popcak serve on the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops National Advisory Board for Marriage and Family Ministry. They were honored to be the Vatican’s choice to present the opening keynote on the Liturgy of Domestic Church Life at the 2022 World Meeting of Families in Rome.

Jacob Flores-Popcak

Pastoral counselor with and professional graphic designer. Jacob is a published author and illustrator. He serves as the creative mind behind the CatholicHÔM look and the HÔM family.

Rachael Popcak-Isaac 

Pastoral counselor with and project coordinator for CatholicHÔM.

The Team at

The pastoral counselors who work with (the pastoral counseling ministry of Dr. Greg and Lisa Popcak) are also an active part of the CatholicHÔM community. Our team actively assists with questions in the discussion forums and in presenting the various live stream events offered by CatholicHÔM.

Jerry Windley Daoust

Director of GraceWatch Media and former publisher of Peanut Butter and Grace. Jerry is the developer of CatholicHÔM’s downloadable content.

Father Fred Jenga, C.S.C.

President of Holy Cross Family Ministries is a global apostolate of the Congregation of Holy Cross founded by Venerable Patrick Peyton. The ministry’s focus is to help families pray. Through 25 ministry centers in 17 countries around the world they reach families through in-person events and digital media. A catholic priest for 17 years, Father Fred brings his passion for family prayer, particularly family Rosary prayer to his role as president and to the CatholicHOM project! “The family that prays together stays together.” Venerable Patrick Peyton

Fr. Jim Phalan, CSC

National Director of Family Rosary, an initiative of Holy Cross Family Ministries. The Peyton Institute for Domestic Church Life, the organization responsible for promoting the Liturgy of Domestic Church Life, is part of the Family Rosary.

Fr. David Guffey, CSC

National Director of Family Theater Productions. A division of Holy Cross Family Ministries, Family Theater was responsible for animating the CatholicHÔM family and producing the CatholicHÔM Foundations Video Series.

Susan Wallace

Susan is the HCFM Director of External Affairs. She is responsible for organizing in-person CatholicHÔM diocesan events and promoting awareness of the CatholicHÔM program and brand.

Greg Tobin and Renew International

Greg is the President of Renew International. Popularly known as “the small group people,” RENEW International is dedicated to producing resources for the renewal of parish life. RENEW has partnered with CatholicHÔM to produce its Eucharist Matters program, a First Communion Preparation resource that helps families encounter the Eucharist as the key to their CatholicHÔM.

5 Stones

Catholic web development and marketing company. 5 Stones is responsible for the development and maintenance of the CatholicHÔM digital platform.