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We’re so glad you signed up for our free webinar “Raising Confident Catholic Kids” on Oct. 12! As a special thank you, we’re offering you 50% off the first month of your premium subscription to our brand-new CatholicHÔM app. Make sure to use the code FAMILYWEBINAR when you check out!

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How can the CatholicHÔM app help me?

CatholicHÔM—which stands for Catholic Households on Mission—is the first app dedicated solely to helping you create a more loving, connected, and caring Catholic family. The premium subscription connects you with ongoing expert support, awesome tools, and a supportive community to help you become a more confident, faithful parent raising more confident, faithful kids!

Think of CatholicHÔM as a best friend who sticks with you all day long, giving you whatever level of support you need whenever you need it. Let’s face it—it’s TOUGH to raise Catholic kids in today’s culture. CatholicHÔM is exactly what you need to help your whole family live the faith without being embarrassed or afraid!

Remember, you’ll get 50% off the first month of your premium subscription if you use coupon code FAMILYWEBINAR at checkout. So sign up today!

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